25 September 2014

the whole wide world. nhs class of 2015

i wanna hold the whole wide world
right here in my open hands
maybe I'm just a little girl
a little girl with great big plans

i'm gonna live a crazy dream
impossible as it may seem
doesn't matter what the future brings
i'm gonna live a crazy dream
{m. gledhill}

i simply adore photographing high school seniors. such confidence, energy and pure delight all wrapped up in beautiful smiles. i loved high school, so being able to glimpse at high school today is always a treat for me. olivia was a pleasure to shoot. she first appeared in front of my lens at her 14th birthday party. amazing the beautiful young lady she has grown into. enjoy your senior year olivia. it's all in front of you and it's magic. believe me. xo
{the beautiful Olivia - Newburyport High School Class of 2015}


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