07 September 2017

it's always worth it.

there is freedom within
there is freedom without
try to catch a deluge in a paper cup
there's a battle ahead
many battles are lost
but you'll never see the end of the road
while you're traveling with me

hey now, hey now
don't dream it's over
hey now, hey now
when the world comes in
they come, they come,
to build a wall between us
we know they won't win
(Neil Mullane Finn)

probably one of my favorite songs. as it came on the radio i couldn't help but think of where we are today in this country and how all i want is to make my daughter feel safe and happy and positive. hard to do when every  morning i turn on the news and go ugh! one foot in front of the other. keep doing the right thing. keep your head up. keep your heart full. fight the good fight.
resist + persist, just to exist. 


please, please never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it.
it's always worth it.
(hillary clinton)

05 September 2017

and you don't have to try.

she blew in like a warm winter gust
knocked me off of my dusty high horse
had to check my heart right there at her front door
yeah, and it's quite alright, and it's quite alright, its' alright
hey hey, girl you're alright
and you don't have to try
Don't have to try
hey hey, you're a welcome surprise
you're the butterflies dancing on my insides
oh my, oh my
let me feast my eyes on you girl cause you're alright
(paul otten - girl you're alright - reign season 1 - episode 1)

 inspired by the tv show Reign -
i have been obsessed with the gorgeous costuming, sets and details. mary queen of scots and queen elizabeth - fighting to the end while looking oh so beautiful. my gorgeous models are sisters - fraternal twins and as beautiful inside as out. when i asked them if they would portray the essence of reign they were in. when i say essence, i mean a modern in your closet approach. we were going to shoot in magnolia by the ocean - but the day turned into a very chilly, very windy one and i just knew it would be a challenge. so we stayed local and created our france/england royal vibe right in our own backyard. sometimes all you need is your imagination, desire and willing participants. always fun to create. get dressed up. if you're into it give me a shout and book a session. just because is reason enough.
styling: cheryl kubat - tangled handknits

29 August 2017

everyone says summer goes by so fast.

there are a few new freckles on your shoulders
the hammock swings lower and touches the grass
the apples are ripe and the corn is past

everyone says summer goes by so fast
{carly simon}

my girl is started 6th grade. 6th!!! i can hardly believe it. time is fleeting. i remember when she began 1st grade - she seemed so little. now, she's blossoming. turning + changing everyday. growing. a sweet young lady to be sure. does she still need her mama? does she fight that in between - the wanting to be stronger and wiser and independent. sure of her decisions, sure of her path. she is my in between girl - my closer to 12 girl, my brave girl, my sweet girl, my feisty girl. every  moment she is walking away from me, walking into her own life. i hold onto this bond between us. but i too have loosened my grasp more and more. i savor these moments, the hugs, the kisses, the laughs, the joy, the frustration, the stomping away, the frowns, the smiles. i savor it all because she completely and forever has my heart. annie viola. i adore you. xo

snippets from summer 2017.

all images from iphone 6