21 August 2014

dapple the sun.

come into the garden
it's magical trees
dapple the sun as they sway with each lazy breeze
they'll set your mind at ease

pretend you're a child
with nothing to hide
then we'll join hands and let the universe swing wide
we'll lay our fears aside

even though i try to grab a photo of my girl daily with my cell phone doesn't mean this girl indulges me with my camera. but this day, she obliged. i don't recall if there were promises of ice cream or other items to entice and she said only 15 minutes mom. i didn't direct her at all, with the exception of where to stand, annie has a way when the lens is pointing in her direction. i look at these images and see the young lady she is becoming. it makes me long for that little baby who nestled at my neck. i often miss those days, but am so digging this child today, this 8.5 year old who lights up my world with her funny fabulous self. how much my own mother would have adored her youngest grandchild. annie often reminds me of my mom with her wit and her eyebrows. each day just keeps getting better and better. looking at these images i am reminded of  how much i enjoy shooting faces, one on one, no planning - just taking off on a whim and a lazy breeze. xo

1avs DSC_9118 DSC_9182 5avs DSC_9122 DSC_9199 2avs 3avs DSC_9179 5avs DSC_9231 DSC_9158 DSC_9253 DSC_9302 DSC_9172
annie styled herself. natch.


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