12 July 2017

kitchen white. memories.

i know it's funny that i am truly in love with kitchens when i am the worst cook. seriously. i have no finesse whatsoever in the kitchen. my husband, bil, is an amazing cook. he can come into our kitchen and whip up a delicious meal. i am always amazed that we actually have the ingredients for such creations. i think my fondness for a well appointed kitchen isn't always just about the design, it's about the touches, the memories of smells and tastes. bounding into your house as a child and having that nights meal smack you in the face. all your senses. comfort, love, warmth and safety all wrapped up in smell - that's what i felt in my mother's kitchen. her touches everywhere - the tea kettle, the cutting boards, the beautiful container of herbs de provence, family photos hanging on the fridge, a pad of paper with notes by the phone, a roll of stamps, a few plants, a stack of napkins and a bottle of wine or two. so no, i'm not the best cook, but i do love all that happens in a kitchen. and i surely love to hang in one. a white kitchen - beautiful natural light and memories - i'm in. i am so in.

"it was the room's lack of feeling that really bugged them, but countertops and a sink from IKEA, as well as a tile overhaul, have given it a whole new look.  "our favorite piece here is the kitchen island. it dates back to the mid 1800s, and we found it at an estate sale," the two say. "


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