05 July 2015

summer's coming around again.

here now, summer's coming around again.
every year it seems to come in this way.
{c. simon}

after such a long winter it felt amazing to finally plan our garden and get seeds and plants into the ground. it's even more amazing to watch it grow. as a child my father had an amazing vegetable garden and along with that came the duty of weeding that garden. while all the other kids got to sleep in on a saturday morning, my siblings and i were awoken by our dad, ever so gently - WAKE UP!!! WAKE UP!!! MUST GET IN THE GARDEN AND WEED!!!!! ugh!!! DAAAAAAAAAAD REALLY?!!!!! oh it was like a death sentence, a punishment, why couldn't i sleep until noon?!!
i admit now, i look back fondly on those days. summer on powder horn drive are some of the happiest times of my life. sure we would go weed in the garden, but it also gave me an excuse to wear the pioneer bonnet dad bought me at the danbury state fair! i was laura ingalls personified as i pulled weeds around the strawberry patch (hey i was 8 what can i say!). nothing is as good as pulling a radish from the earth - giving it a good rinse and a sprinkle of salt and popping it in your mouth. the immediate smell, taste and slightly spicy bite never ceases to remind me of my childhood summers in connecticut. for whatever reason my radishes didn't take this year. i only got one radish. but it was delish.
so....... we all dragged ourselves out of bed to the back 40 as dad called it and weeded like there was no tomorrow. as much as i complained about it then, what i wouldn't give to go back for a day and weed the garden on powder horn drive. ride my bike with my friends, play the biggest game of tap tap with all the neighborhood kids, drink a glass of mom's sun tea, watch dad get the coals ready on the weber, watch my brothers and their friends play basketball in the driveway, watch the clouds go by on the freshly mown lawn - courtesy of my brother, hear screen doors slam open and shut, hear the varied voices of neighborhood moms calling their babes in for dinner.
summer. summer in ct. summer with mom and dad and kevin and kerry and mary beth and peter. i would even volunteer to shuck all the corn if you would send me back for a day. no complaints!!!

scenes from my community garden - new eden - newbury, ma.

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