08 June 2015

a radiant blur.

the future's a radiant blur
so i wonder whatever became of him,
whatever became of her?
{c. simon}

i always love a good flea market find. this weekend i spent a whopping $6.00. i found  a stack of random black + white photos from the 40s - i use these for tags on client print orders. i love old photographs. i always wonder whatever happened to the people in the photos. where are they now. what was their life like. were they happy. did they accomplish their dreams. was their sorrow, joy, good fortune. i love the fashions. my favorite is the couple dancing. so cool. i won't part with that one. i found a perfectly weathered tray, such a lovely patina - i haven't found a use for yet, but give me time. perhaps a resting place  for my driftwood + shells. a delicious perk of living 2 miles from the atlantic. and finally carly simon's come upstairs which was on constant play in my dorm room, freshmen year at college. i am replacing the vinyl albums i gave away 7 years ago. why i'll never know, but i miss them and want them back. i particularly adore this carly image by mick rock. just perfect.

yep. i love a good flea market find. xo.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful Meg! And I just love your writing style! Ker

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