08 June 2017

kitchen white.

"a kitchen should be one color and one color only: white!"
said the great Van Day Truex, the father of twentieth century american design. i read this line in the book by Adam Lewis - Van Day Truex, the man who defined twentieth century style and taste and i've always remembered it. now, seriously,  i believe you can have your kitchen any color you please - but there is something to be said about a well appointed white kitchen. not all white, but definitely pops of white. in this spirit, i started pinning white kitchens to my aptly named pinterest board, kitchen white. i've decided to share my favorites here. every day, once a week - we shall see! oh and ps - my kitchen isn't white - it has navy blue tiled counter tops! what?!! i know - the bane of my existence is tiled counter tops - let alone navy. the cabinets are white - but did i mention they are trimmed in wood. so 80's and so awful. but hey, we are in a rental so a girl has got to dream. and dream i do. a lot.

kitchen white. another fav.

image from Design Sponge


Kerry Ann said...

Tres chic, Ms. Meg!

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