20 June 2017

in the history of ever | the bff sessions

it's hard to believe that another school year is coming to an end. how did this happen so fast?!! as we are winding down to the last day tomorrow, i know my girl is sad. sad to be saying goodbye to an amazing teacher, sad to be saying goodbye to the new friends she made this year and sad that the all familiar routine of school is ending. goodbye to the molin school and onto nock middle school.
so this got me thinking. why not celebrate the importance of these moments?! the importance of friendships. i still look back and remember fondly the young girls that befriended me during my elementary years. the young ladies in my junior high years, the blossoming women in high school and the we can conquer the world women in college. this is a chance to celebrate and commemorate with the people that know you best. there is so much power in a photograph. so many memories. so just like you share a popsicle, why not share a photo session with a bestie or two (or 3 or 4)! let's create some sweet imagery. remember..........you'll never pass this way again. xo.


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