25 November 2013

through the years. Candy + Frank are married

through the years our love will grow
like a river it will flow

it can't die because I'm so

devoted to you


a sweet love story. a wonderful couple. a beautiful view, the brides father to marry them, escorted by her twin down the aisle, with three beautiful daughters, friends + family looking on, and the beautiful colors of autumn in new england. lovely. 

in the brides own words:

The year 2000 was to be the end of the world so I decided to have a yard sale with my girlfriend Columbus day weekend on Plum Island. I figured I'd make a few dollars to spend before it was all over!!! 
We set up our wares, antiques, odds and ends which included some of my oil paintings and let the bargain hunters begin their search. 
Frank a treasure hunter and avid yard sale patron spotted my paintings as he whizzed by in his truck. Needless to say he turned his truck around and popped by to see our wares, particularly the paintings. He said to me, " I know you, I have bid on one of your paintings at an auction and I just love your sense of color. My friend took him into her home where she shared more of my work with him. No, he didn't buy anything that day but we both left with a wonderful impression of each other. By the way I am an Impressionistic painter! 
A couple weeks later Halloween night as I sat in the kitchen of my friends home helping her prepare a pasta dinner I asked her, "you know that handsome guy who came to the yard sale, Francis Pierce? I'd like to send him an invite to my Art show. I had noticed there are 2 people named Francis Pierce on Plum Island in the phone book, which is he? 
Just as she was speaking to that point the phone rang and on the line was Francis requesting my phone number to speak with me. I took the phone and we both laughed and were amazed that we were seeking each other out. 
The heavens were at work on this union. Synchronicity!!! 
A month later we began our journey of happiness and no the world didn't end it began!!! We always say to this day our greatest treasure was found at a yard sale, each other! Thirteen years later we were married the same weekend we met on October 13, 2013. Truly a lucky number and the truest love.

The Ingredients
Caterer: Francis Broadbery - Plum Island Grille
Flowers: Greenery Designs, Amesbury
Cake: Eat Cake, Newburyport
Venue: Home of the Bride and Groom along the banks of the Parker River, Newbury


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