23 September 2013

the entire universe. Stacey + Scott are married Part 1

Oh well I look at you and say
It's the happiest that I've ever been
And I'll say I no longer feel I have to be James Dean
And she'll say
"Yah well I feel all pretty happy too"
And I'm always pretty happy when I'm just kicking back with you
[Noah and the Whale]

stacey + scott were married on a beautiful summer evening in august on the groom's parents property in rye, new hampshire. filled with amazing details + stories + exquisite flowers this wedding is stunning.  add a touch of the atlantic, an ocean breeze, an interior designers attention to color + comfort and family and friends that couldn't be happier, you have the makings for a true happily ever after. there is so much i want to share this will be part I.

this wedding will always have such a special place in my heart for many reasons. it all began at my favorite flower shop - cymbidium floral in exeter, new hampshire where the bride, a talented floral designer met her destiny. this lovely little flower shop is truly the heart + soul of this wedding and this love. but my words could never adequately describe the pulse of this tale,  so i asked the bride - these are her words:

Working here (Cymbidium) has forever altered the trajectory of our lives. First & foremost, before ever meeting Scott, I fell in love with my job & learned that loving what you do can transform your outlook on life. Being surrounded by beauty & cultivating creativity everyday is something I am eternally grateful for. I don't admit it often, but I always knew I would find love via the flower shop - even today it feels impossible to describe. Everything just fit so well work-wise that it seemed only natural that I'd find love here too. A few years had gone by before that fateful day that Lauren visited the shop & after only a matter of minutes she & Jess had decided that Scott & I needed to meet... fast forward almost a year later & on October 2nd Scott proposed on a knee... where else but Cymbidium Floral. 
I've also always said that the universe has turned me upside down & sideways to bring me here to where we stand today - lost jobs, lost loves, crash courses in personal growth all lead here. It's all pretty amazing really. This place must be magic. I vow to always appreciate & recognize that magic wherever this life leads us.

The closest i can get to describing the vibe I carry with me comes from the following quote from the alchemist Paulo Coelho:

“I love you because the 
entire universe conspired to help me find you.”

rye harbor was where they knew they were meant to be while on a casual date. the perfect place for a first look.
making sweet wishes on rocks

stay tuned for part 2- the details, the party, the smiles -including the amazing handmade tables from the groom + the gorgeous handmade tree swing with stories to go with them. 
not to be missed. xo

the ingredients:
Hair: Krissy McCarthy – Charisma Salon
Makeup: Alicia Finneran – Aviva Esthetics
Hair Flower: Eclu - Etsy
Bridal Gown:  consigned "Over the Rainbow" Bevery, Ma
Shoes: Seychelles 'Turning Point'
Groom’s Suit: Banana Republic
Pocket Square: Fox + Brie – Etsy
Ties: Men’s Wearhouse
Groomsmen’s Suits: Their Own
Maids: Asked them to choose a neutral dress that they loved;
Bride’s Necklace: custom made by Michelle Rose of Minka (she & her husband own an absolutely STUNNING little shop in Kennebunkport, Maine; friends through the flower shop)
 Dakotah’s Collar: Jennie B.Goode Collars - Etsy
Florals + Garlands – Cymbidium Floral – Exeter, NH
Prosessional: David Gray – January Rain
Recessional:  Noah + The Whale – Five Years Time

more to follow. 


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