25 June 2013

.something new under the sun

when i look to the sky
and the spark from your eyes lights up the night
my heart is on fire
as our two universes collide
yeah, we have arrived
animation, we come to life
celebration of something so right
the creation in perfect time
of something new under the sun
{m. strayer e. robison}

it had been raining in newburyport the entire week - but something fabulous happened - it stopped....just long enough for katie and tim to promise forever to each other surrounded by their family. and just like that, the rain began again. perfect. in every way. happiness always. xo
{newburyport, massachusetts|joppa park}

20 June 2013

thing called love.

bright as only bright can be
making your own melody
oh you’re such a sight to see, fill me up
out the door and back again
where you go and where you’ve been
oh you sweet little pretty thing called love

my lovely ballerina annie viola. so sweet. xo

12 June 2013

when the sun returns.

hide away the freezing days
and when the sun returns
i will have learned to sing
your haunting melody
you’ll take the notes that harmonize me
and bring me back to hallelujah
for the rest of my life
{songbird. carly simon}


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thank you Natarsha - you are beautiful 

beauty is not caused, it is. 
emily dickinson